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Event Production

Event planning of any type or size can be a stressful and difficult task.  I have always said that planning for a 10 person meeting is not much different than a 1,000 person meeting - just scaled to another size!  


Having professionally produced events takes the stress off of you and your team, allows you to enjoy the event, and will likely increase revenue!  As a 20+ year experienced event planner, I naturally think though all of the small pieces that makes an event successful.  I can be brought in to consult with your team and provide feedback on how to construct your event planning or I can be contracted to take every single task off your plate! 


Here are a few of the services that I can assist with:

  • Finding that right venue, as well as venue layout planning

  • Obtaining quotes, securing contracts, and working with service vendors such as catering, sound/light, decor, pipe and drape, tents, equipment rental, crowd control, security, etc.

  • Obtaining and working with the Oregon Liquor Control Commission, as well as overseeing alcohol sales, staffing, and bars at the event

  • Full service online or in person registration and check in

  • Online, Silent, or Live Auction item procurement, organization, set-up, dispersal, and check-out

  • Securing and working with food vendors

  • Exhibitor applications, layout, check-in and management

  • Sponsorship procurement, invoicing, and carrying out of contracted items

  • Marketing including website, social media, print, radio, and more

  • Event registration bags, swag, and program

  • Vetting out entertainment, securing contracts, managing on-site performances

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