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Prineville Western Days - 2023 Food Vendors

No festival is complete without tasty food and yummy drinks!  Western Days is no exception with a number of new vendor booths this year featuring many delectable lunch options and snacks.  Keep checking back for more vendors to be listed.

Barn Doggies - hot dogs, chili dogs, frito bowls, nachos, snacks, chips

Donnie's Kettle Corn

Lemon Squeezie - fresh lemonade made on-site in front of you!

Mrs. Smallz - pulled pork sandwiches, cheeseburgers, BLT's, chicken wraps, meatball subs, etc.

Red Beard BBQ - brisket, tri-tip, pulled pork, smoked chicken

Sub-Zero Freeze Dried Candy - prepackaged freeze dried candy for home consumption: Skittles (original, sour, wild berry), Jolly ranchers Caramel m&m’s, Bit-o honey, Chewy sweet tarts, Big hunk, Starbursts, Marshmallows (chocolate filled strawberry, sour watermelon, lucky charms, cupcake), Caramel apple loli pops, freedom taffy (blueberry, cherry,vanilla), black licorice taffy, peppermint taffy, saltwater taffy, gummy bears, Air Heads, Charleston Chew, Rocky Road, and Worthers Caramels.

Summit Shaved Ice - all of your favorite flavors in a yummy shaved ice bowl

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